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Introducing Redneck Wild

May 13, 2010

Redneck Wild is a new variety of hardneck garlic being offered for the first time in 2010! We found this “wild” garlic growing in a privately owned wetland in Klamath County. When and how the garlic was introduced to the wetland is unknown, although the wetland itself was identified in a photograph from 1906. In an effort to protect the garlic beds and to reduce the risk of transferring disease we collected the bulbils or aerial clones from the flower stalk of the “wild” garlic and planted them on our farm. Garlic rounds were harvested, dried and used for seed in the next fall planting. This process is both time and labor intensive but it is necessary to ensure that the wetland garlic bulbs are not disturbed and to keep Redneck Wild as close to the “wild” mother plants as possible. Check out the Redneck Wild page for more info and ordering.

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