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Garlic and Shallot Planting Season

October 12, 2007

This is a great time of year… things have cooled off and it’s planting season! Demand for good organic garlic and shallots has never been higher as more and more people are appreciating these wonderful crops. With a little more than a month left to plant, Big John wants to update you on supplies and make some recommendations. This has been a great year for size and quality. On the Softneck side, the Artichokes take the prize… The Lorz Italian, Inchelium Red and Red Toch are particularly nice. For the Hardnecks, the Chesnok Red and Killarney Red are great, still in supply, but going fast. And, the Dutch Yellow Shallots are beautiful planting stock and plentiful. Order now before we’re sold out!

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