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Green Garlic

May 29, 2012

Green Garlic is great, fun and easy. It has great garlic flavor and is useful in all kinds of dishes. You can grow it anywhere and any time of the year. You can grow it in containers. You can grow it indoors. You can use your small and ugly cloves. At any time of the year you can bury your “rejects”… outside… or in pots… anywhere. Depending on how warm it is, you can have 10”-12” garlic in just a few weeks. Since bulb development is not a concern, you can use at about any stage of maturity.”

“If you grow a fair amount of garlic then you are familiar with witch brooms… where vampires don’t tread… and where multiple shoots emerge from what you thought was a single clove. Some are pictured growing here. They occur most often in the softneck silverskins where clove separation can be difficult and lots of doubles and triples can occur. They will not produce a nice bulb. it is usable garlic, but not overly saleable, so why not use them for green garlic?”
Thanks! BJ

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