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2013 Garlic Popping Up

March 18, 2013

As usual, the Silverskins (Silver White, here) lead the way – garlic is tougher than nails – has to be to make it through this past winter – some shallots are showing as well. Be reminded – those that order earlier will generally get the bigger garlic. And remember the basic rule: BIG GARLIC MAKES BIG GARLIC.

Chesnok Red and Lorz Italian bulbs

July 20, 2012

“Big John couldn’t be happier with the size and quality of the 2012 garlic crop. Drying space is nearly used up! The Chesnok Red is especially nice. Shown here are some pretty Lorz Italian bulbs.”

Green Garlic

May 29, 2012

Green Garlic is great, fun and easy. It has great garlic flavor and is useful in all kinds of dishes. You can grow it anywhere and any time of the year. You can grow it in containers. You can grow it indoors. You can use your small and ugly cloves. At any time of the year you can bury your “rejects”… outside… or in pots… anywhere. Depending on how warm it is, you can have 10”-12” garlic in just a few weeks. Since bulb development is not a concern, you can use at about any stage of maturity.”

“If you grow a fair amount of garlic then you are familiar with witch brooms… where vampires don’t tread… and where multiple shoots emerge from what you thought was a single clove. Some are pictured growing here. They occur most often in the softneck silverskins where clove separation can be difficult and lots of doubles and triples can occur. They will not produce a nice bulb. it is usable garlic, but not overly saleable, so why not use them for green garlic?”
Thanks! BJ

Nootka Rose Garlic Crop

March 1, 2012

No matter how many times you’ve done it, it’s always great to see the garlic finally emerge from the frozen tundra… and the toughness of garlic is truly amazing. As usual, the silverskins are first (Nootka Rose pictured). Big John is especially happy with this crop… planting situation and field conditions (moisture) were better than ever last fall. Winter was not extreme one way or the other… plenty of moisture in the field now. Everything points to an outstanding crop for 2012!

Splitting Garlic

October 22, 2011

Thumb-splitting time at Big John’s…. here are about 1,500 pounds of bulbs that all were “painfully split” and hand planted… and this was no small job…. just ask those that did it. Conditions in the garden were excellent and the crop was irrigated right after planting to insure a strong start.

Red Toch Garlic Harvest

August 2, 2011

All the 2011 garlic is harvested and hanging in the barns! Though a slightly later year, the quantity and quality is excellent. Big John would like to give a Big Thanks to this year’s harvest crew with special recognition to the real McCoy’s… true gems from Arizona. And check out the huge Red Toch.

Redneck Wild

July 5, 2011

Redneck Wild has definitely found a home in Western PA. In this picture, Mary from Jeannette shows off both her granddaughter and her magnificent crop of freshly harvested Wild. She must be doing everything right. Big John is receiving snapshots and plaudits from all parts of the country praising this remarkable Rocambole strain.

Inchelium Red

May 1, 2011

Here is some great feedback from Leslie Doyle of Las Vegas, a very innovative grower of Big John’s Inchelium Red. Read her story below:

“Here is a pic of me and your Inchelium Red garlic – this is 3 of 7 garlic test beds. It is May 3, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV, and I think the garlic is looking pretty good. I weighed and separated the cloves by size. The rows are marked with clove weight and planting date. I planted over a 4-month period at the ends of Sep through Dec. by following the recommended moon planting dates for bulbs. I hope to find more accurate info on; If there is a relationship to planting dates and clove size to harvested bulb size. Present information for best dates to plant garlic in Las Vegas is vague. With this test I hope to add some clarity to this.”
Leslie Doyle

Garlic Crop Increased

November 18, 2010

Big John is happy to report the 2011 garlic crop has been planted and mulched under ideal conditions! In response to a large expansion of the customer base, the crop was increased by 30%. Once the cloves were all in the ground, an inch-and-a-half of steady rain followed… timing is everything. Then we tucked it all in for the winter with a very nice, uniform blanketing by Garlic Master John Bair.

Redneck Wild

July 19, 2010

Here is the first pic of Redneck Wild still in her work clothes. She has finally come out of hiding to make her debut! There will be lots of 3 inch garlic by the time we’re done. This might be the finest looking garlic Big John has ever seen. Go to the Redneck Wild page.

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