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Garlic and Shallot Crops Planted

November 27, 2006

Big John would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to all his great 2006 customers! It has been a truly wonderful year. Looking forward to 2007!

Big John is happy to report that the 2007 crop is all bedded in and ready to sleep through the winter. The planting season was just right – good rains came right after we finished mulching. Due to fantastic customer response, planting of both garlic and shallots was increased!

Midplanting 2006

One of the dogs lends a hand with the planting

Garlic Roasters

September 21, 0207

The garlic roasters are finally here!! Take a look at our latest accessory: a multi-bulb garlic roaster hand-crafted by Frog Dynasty Ceramics. Visit our store to get one of your very own.

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